If you need to contact us maple car insurance No matter what problem you have, you should know that the company’s goal is to provide quality service to its customers.

This way you always have the solution to the question you need to ask.

Therefore, if you encounter an issue that requires immediate resolution, below is the information you need to contact MAPFRE Customer Service.

For example, if you have a car accident, because of course the company’s general terms and conditions are details that most customers do not usually read, even though they accept it when they get their policy.

What is Mapfure car insurance?

  1. mapfure car insurance We cater to an independent multinational group with 80 years of experience in this field.
  2. It operates in the fields of insurance, real estate, finance and services.
  3. Therefore, it is regarded as an integrated, reliable and comprehensive company.
  4. In Mexico, the insurance business focuses on life, auto, credit, surety, property, health and casualty.
  5. It is also a company that provides specialized claims processing centers with extensive medical networks and workshops, as well as comprehensive legal defense services.
  6. We have over 400 offices in Mexico.
  7. On the one hand, it was a socially responsible company and considered one of the best in Mexico.

What are the features of Mapfure car insurance?

  1. mapfure car insurance We offer insurance tailored to your needs with limited liability packages.
  2. This means you can choose from the most basic coverage to a broader range of packages.
  3. For example, the Broad Premium package offers broad coverage and benefits the most.
  4. Broad Mapfre packages offer a type of coverage with unique advantages in the insurance market.
  5. You Choose is a type of coverage that can be considered simplified, modular and extensible, allowing you to configure your preferred package according to your needs.
  6. Exclusive packages protect you and others in the event of vehicle damage or theft.
  7. Liability packages provide compensation for damages to third parties.
  8. Auto insurance protects your vehicle from theft, collisions, injuries to your passengers, and damage to third parties and property.
  9. Mapfre provides its warranties as a prior agreement to be signed with the insurer to modify, add to, or cancel general or specific terms of the policy.
  10. If you need to get car insurance, you can do it online and get a quote there as well.
  11. Visit
  12. Enter all vehicle details.
  13. You can get an estimate online like this.
  14. For telephone support, please call 01800 062 7373.

What to do in a traffic accident

  1. Look What to do in a traffic accidentThe first thing to do is to stay calm and avoid touching the car or anything in it.
  2. Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible on (+52) (55) 5950 7777.
  3. A specialist will call this number and be by your side at the scene of the accident to help you with everything you need to know.
  4. Report the damage and provide policy number, insured name, phone number, driver’s license, driver’s license.
  5. It will also provide the location of the accident, including street, house number, neighborhood, city, and any information the experts may need to identify you.
  6. You might even need to provide information about how the accident happened, whether there were any injuries, license plates, model, and other data on the vehicles involved in the accident.
  7. The surveyor will then issue you a report number, which you should keep in your name.
  8. He can also provide brochures on how to fix cars in the workshop and medical records for treating the injured.
  9. Depending on the circumstances, we will also inform you about the possibility of obtaining legal advice from experts.

What are mapfre’s general terms and conditions?

Mapfre’s General Terms of Use state:

  1. The contractor and company agree on the amount insured and the coverage covered by the policy cover sheet.
  2. Contractors are aware of basic and supplemental insurance.
  3. The agreement has a term specified on the cover page of the policy.
  4. The cover page of the policy includes the concept of the vehicle as parts or accessories adapted by the manufacturer to the original model, accessories additionally installed at the request of the owner or purchaser, parts, conversions, labels or alterations. is included.
  5. This policy covers the risks described therein with ratings subject to liability limits.
  6. A motor vehicle accident is considered a violent, accidental, and external event that results in property damage to one or more objects and injury to one or more persons involuntarily caused by the driver. .
  7. The insured is entitled to payment as a natural or legal person approved by Mapfre, subject to the terms of the policy.
  8. Medical care is considered essential care based on socially accepted methods of treating motor vehicle accident injuries.
  9. General average means damage to the insured’s vehicle and damage when it is transferred to a ship or means of transport.
  10. Outstanding principal is the credit balance granted to a borrower to purchase a vehicle outstanding or unpaid, excluding loan costs, expenses and interest.
  11. Coverage is understood as the risk covered by an insurance policy.
  12. The cover is covered with a policy cover sheet.
  13. A collision is defined as the collision of an insured vehicle in an event involving one or more objects, resulting in property damage and personal injury.

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