Types of insurance offered by Seguros Monterrey

If you are looking for insurance and have made your decision Monterrey InsuranceSure, you need to know everything they offer about insurance, the types they offer, everything about living in New York, CDP insurance, everything about providers.

In other words, you need to know everything about the insurance company you decide to insure. This is why you should keep reading as you will get all the information you are looking for…

What does Monterrey Insurance offer?

  1. Monterrey Insurance We offer group and individual insurance.
  2. For example, we offer basic insurance, women’s insurance, savings insurance, protection insurance, annuity insurance, accident insurance, Mexican expenses insurance, and education insurance.
  3. Specializes in health insurance and life insurance.
  4. An insurance company with 70 years of experience in Mexico and 160 years of experience internationally.
  5. Basic insurance includes accident insurance, major medical expenses, and life insurance.
  6. Like life insurance, you can take out insurance for a fixed period of time with automatic renewal for 5 years of temporary coverage in the event of death. This insurance is available at a low price with an annual payment in local currency.
  7. People between the ages of 18 and 65 are eligible for life insurance.
  8. You can choose protection of $100,000, $200,000, or $300,000 depending on your needs.
  9. The premium is fixed for 5 years, and it is a cover plan that upgrades according to age.
  10. As with basic health insurance, you can receive medical care at any time.
  11. You will be paid directly for each day of hospitalization and will also be covered for treatment of illnesses listed on your coverage table.
  12. This policy renews automatically, covers ages 0 to 64, and is payable annually in local currency.
  13. Premiums can be extended according to age.
  14. With basic personal injury insurance, you can receive coverage for accidental death. This is an auto-renewing local currency insurance.
  15. Anyone between the ages of 12 and 65 can hire him.
  16. You can choose between $100,000 or $200,000 of protection depending on your needs.
  17. For annual payments, rates are differentiated according to risk, depending on the type of work.
  18. Your child’s education is guaranteed when you enroll in education insurance. If you die, your children will receive the capital you built up for their research.
  19. Your plan ends when your child turns 18, so you can receive your savings in one lump sum payment over four years or in monthly installments.
  20. You also get disability insurance with monthly payments until the end of the plan.
  21. Women’s Insurance offers cancer insurance, widowhood, and life savings plans.
  22. You can choose a life saver for women that offers 20 years of protection. A portion of the insurance benefit is paid every two years from the fifth year of the contract.
  23. You can also opt for lifetime protection for women. From the 5th time she will receive her 50% of the insurance amount for 20 years and every 2 years of her, the remaining 50% will protect you until death.
  24. Regarding retirement insurance, Imagina Ser offers life insurance and savings insurance so that you can enjoy your monthly income after retirement and earn a return.
  25. New Plenity Annuity Insurance guarantees stable assets by setting up a reserve at the time of insurance enrollment and receiving the amount as a monthly income or installment payment at retirement.

What is Monterey New York Life Insurance?

  1. Monterrey Life Insurance New York Mexican insurance, financial services and health insurance company.
  2. The company provides a working demo on the platform. For this, please contact +56 (2) 29410300 or email info@bnamericas.com.
  3. In fact, it is a Mexican company that also offers endowment insurance, medical expenses, living expenses, savings insurance and education insurance.
  4. In 2000, it acquired New York Life, based in Mexico City.

What is CDP Seguros Monterrey?

  1. CDP Monterrey Insurance Seguros Monterrey New York Life sales portfolio.
  2. As a professional insurance advisor, we have the services and products to offer our clients.
  3. Expand your experience and knowledge while becoming an expert in the sales process.
  4. They start with protective products such as dowry, makeshift products, and products for general living.
  5. The idea is to start with a product that allows customers to build solid financial security, then expand their offering to other services and products.
  6. This means offering potential customers not just products, but solutions as trained professionals who can provide superior service.

Who is the insurance company in Monterrey?

  1. Monterrey Insurance Company It could be an independent agent or captive.
  2. The latter are those who work for a particular company, while the independents are those who contract with various insurance companies to sell insurance products.
  3. A provider is a company that offers insurance with policies sold by agents or offered to consumers.
  4. For example, if you work for your employer, you are covered by health insurance through your employer’s group insurance plan.
  5. As an employee, you do not pay any premiums, but direct costs arise from additional payments or deductibles.

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