HSBC Seguros: Opinions on Auto Insurance, Types of Life Insurance

HSBC Insurance When looking for insurance for yourself and your family, we have a lot to offer you. forgive You should always have your customer service number with you in case you have questions.

Therefore, for your satisfaction, below you can find all the information that is important to you.

What does HSBC Insurance offer?

  1. HSBC Insurance Protect the future of you and your family with life insurance such as: B. Personal life insurance covering terminal illness, heart attack, and cancer.
  2. HSBC also offers Life 65 with emergency coverage.
  3. Hospitalization insurance covers hospitalization up to $1,000 per day, up to $3,000, in the event of an unforeseen event.
  4. Accident insurance covers you and your family at $1,000,000 for each broken bone.
  5. Standard basic insurance covers both standard passenger accident insurance and standard basic individual life insurance.

HSBC Life Insurance

HSB life insurance We offer a wide range of covers including:

  1. In the case of accidental death, the insurance amount is doubled.
  2. Receive support for terminal illness.
  3. You can choose coverage for heart attack and cancer.
  4. In the event of a heart attack, benefits and premiums are paid for life.
  5. If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer as an insured and male, you will also receive the insured and contractually agreed lifetime amount.
  6. For women with breast or cervical cancer, you can receive the agreed amount of benefits for the rest of your life.
  7. As an insured person, you receive benefits for the rest of your life if you suffer from a disability that permanently prevents you from working.
  8. Life 65 insurance offers a 15% discount, no health checkup, nationwide coverage, from $500,000 to $3 million for Advance customers, up to $5 million for Premier customers insurance can be selected. .
  9. No medical examination is required.
  10. Plans can be purchased in Mexican Pesos or US Dollars.
  11. In the event of death of the insured person, the insured person is entitled to a benefit as long as the death is the result of illness, accident or natural death.
  12. If the life expectancy is less than 1 year due to an incurable disease, 50% of the basic insurance amount will be paid in advance at the time of death.
  13. Hospitalization insurance covers medical emergencies, accidents, illness, or childbirth.
  14. You can receive coverage for medical emergencies such as childbirth, illness, accidents and surgeries.
  15. You can choose between $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 daily coverage.
  16. If you need to be admitted to the intensive care unit, you will receive double the daily income you set.
  17. Accident insurance can be purchased in Mexican Pesos, is nationwide, and is available in a range of $150,000 to $1,000,000.
  18. You can get organic loss and accidental death coverage, emergency ambulance calls, doctor referrals, lab tests and pharmacy discounts.
  19. In other words, individual life insurance gives you multiple coverages to protect you and your family, and the same premiums for five years are guaranteed.
  20. You can choose the amount insured from $125,000 to $3 million.
  21. With nationwide coverage, you can choose to contract in US dollars or Mexican pesos.

hsb secure customer service phone

  1. hsb secure customer service phoneIf you need to get in touch, you can contact us directly via chat 24/7 through our official website.
  2. For metropolitan areas and Mexico City, please call 55.5721.1635 for telephone communication.
  3. You can call 55 5721 1635 from within the Republic.
  4. If you would like to purchase accident insurance, please call our call center at (0155) 5721 3322.

What does HSBC car insurance offer?

as for hsb car insuranceYour insurance company will provide you with:

  1. An insurance package with coverage tailored to your needs in addition to our Premier and Advanced packages.
  2. Civil liability abroad.
  3. Legalized car insurance and limits.
  4. This third-party package offers administrative, medical, legal, automotive, and liability services for $3 million.
  5. The Essential package provides $3 million in civil liability, $50,000 in medical expenses per occupant, legal defense against theft by paying an 8% deductible of the vehicle’s commercial value, and administrative, legal, medical, and automotive will be provided at the cost of
  6. The Anshin package offers a property damage compensation package along with the Essential package which requires you to pay a deductible of 4% of the vehicle’s merchandise value.
  7. The Plus Package offers a $500,000 liability insurance package and a comprehensive package, liability extension, liability insurance, and up to $1 million in hospital bills, medical and drug coverage.

What is HSBC Premium Support?

HSBC Premium Help A program that provides:

  1. Pediatricians, specialists and children under the age of 18 can consult for free.
  2. Medical assistance from over 2,000 providers within the federal network in consultation with HSBS Assistance.
  3. legal advice.
  4. Housekeeping help is available 24 hours a day.
  5. Medical assistance abroad.
  6. Home help including locksmith, glass, plumbing, electrical installation.
  7. Dental care including 2 free consultations and free teeth cleaning.
  8. Roadside assistance with mechanical reference and basic roadside assistance.
  9. Agency services and procedures for obtaining civil registration, professional licenses, license plate changes, vehicle registration and deregistration.

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