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Do you want to communicate with Freedom between Spain If you want to buy insurance but are unsure of what products we can offer, it is important to know the types of insurance and the benefits you will receive.

For this reason, below you will find all the information about insurance companies and their products so that you can make a decision.

What are the benefits of Spanish Liberty Mutual?

  1. inside Freedom between SpainSave 12% with an online quote
  2. Get discount benefits when you get Car Policy with House Policy, Car Policy with Tenant Policy, or Car Policy with Condominium Policy.

How to Request a Liberty Espanol Mutual Insurance Quote

Quote Mutual Aid Exempt Espanyol It’s very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. In the box, display the menu to select the type of insurance you would like to offer.
  3. Enter your zip code,[見積もりを取得]Click.
  4. On the next screen, enter details such as address, unit, zip code, city, indicate if you currently live at that address,[保存]Click. continue.
  5. Then enter your name, surname, date of birth and email address in the form,[次へ保存]Click.
  6. Then, if you want to list your car by year, make, model and chassis number, enter your vehicle details,[保存して続行]Click.
  7. Continue filling out the system-requested forms until you receive the quote you want.

Type of Insurance: Mutual Free Spanish

Type of insurance Deployment Mutual Aid Exempt Espanyol As follows:

  1. In the auto and vehicle sector, we offer auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, classic car insurance, recreational vehicle insurance and umbrella insurance.
  2. Auto insurance can be discounted based on the history of the vehicle and you as the driver. Get a free quote. If you would like a Spanish-speaking representative to call you, please call 1-888-765-2147. Present your advisor with discounts that you can access.
  3. In real estate, we offer rental insurance, home insurance, condominium insurance, RV insurance, roof insurance and flood insurance.
  4. We also offer life insurance, accident insurance, critical illness insurance, identity theft insurance, pet insurance, registration insurance and small business insurance.
  5. Note that when you purchase multiple policies, you get greater savings and protection with benefits common to multiple policies, such as: B. Home insurance, condominium insurance, life insurance with lessee insurance.
  6. If you are a member or employee of one of the credit unions or alumni employee groups that are part of the Affinity Program, you may also be eligible for unique and additional savings.

Review of Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance Review - Insurance Company

Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual is now the fourth largest property and casualty insurance company in the United States. Liberty Mutual sells a variety of insurance policies including residential, auto, rental, motorcycle, pet, life and commercial.

As a Liberty Mutual customer, you can take advantage of great benefits such as extensive coverage options, various discounts, and digital tools. However, there are some drawbacks that need to be considered, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Liberty Mutual’s home, auto, and life insurance products are reviewed based on coverage, third-party ratings, financial strength, and more.

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance


In addition to standard auto insurance options such as Third Party, Collision, Collision Damage Waiver, and No Insurance, Liberty Mutual excels at offering several unique add-ons that can extend your coverage. Below are recommendations available through Liberty Mutual.

  • Roadside Assistance – If your car breaks down, 24/7 Roadside Assistance can help you pay for towing, battery replacement, fuel delivery and more.
  • Accident Forgiveness: If you haven’t had an accident or violation in 5 years, this coverage can help prevent your premium from increasing after your first accident.
  • LIFETIME REPAIR WARRANTY – As long as you use a Liberty Mutual Authorized Dealer, the company will arrange and warrant the repair for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • New Vehicle Replacement – If your new vehicle has less than 15,000 miles on it, Liberty Mutual will fund the new vehicle, not just the vehicle that matches the vehicle’s depreciated value.
  • A Better Car Replacement: For an old car that is totaled up, your insurance company will give you enough money to buy a newer year car with 15,000 fewer miles.
  • Car Rental Reimbursement – If your car is damaged in an accident, Liberty Mutual will pay for your rental while the vehicle is in the shop.
  • OE Part Replacement – We can replace the original manufacturer’s part or a damaged vehicle part priced at equal value.
  • Deductible Fund: Pay an additional $30 to your annual premium and reduce your deductible by $100 each year.
  • Gap Insurance – If your car’s gross replacement value is less than your outstanding loan or lease, Liberty Mutual will cover the difference.
  • Teacher Auto Insurance – This unique policy provides teachers with additional protection against vandalism, collisions and accidents to personal property while at school or while commuting. This option is not available in all states.
  • Insurance in Mexico: If you are planning to travel to Mexico, you can purchase special MexPro insurance through Liberty Mutual. Standard Policy does not apply outside the United States.


Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of discounts to help lower your car insurance costs. Multiple discounts may be available. Liberty Mutual discounts vary by state, but common options include:

  • Individual Discounts: Whether you’re a homeowner, a military member, a bright student, or a student living on campus, Liberty Mutual can offer discounts. For new customers, the company will offer contract renewal discounts if an offer is received from Liberty Mutual before the current policy expires.
  • Vehicle Discounts: Take advantage of advanced security features, energy efficiency or anti-theft technology at low prices.
  • Driving Discounts – Earn rewards for safe driving. Most notably Liberty Mutual’s RightTrack program. It uses smart tracking devices and apps to save up to 30% on insurance premiums and enable safer driving habits. You can also save money by avoiding accidents and violations.
  • Policy Discounts: Policyholders with multiple policies on multiple vehicles, as well as policyholders who prepay, shop online, sign paperless statements, or sign up for automatic payments can take advantage of discounted rates.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance


Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance covers your usual needs (home, personal belongings, liability, all additional costs, and miscellaneous additional costs). Additional coverage available for purchase with Liberty Mutual includes:

  • Personal Property Replacement Costs – Liberty Mutual will pay for damages to your personal property due to an insured event. Current market cost of exchange.
  • Blanket Jewelry: Owners who keep expensive jewelry in their home benefit from general jewelry insurance that replaces the jewelry in the event of loss or theft without requiring a deductible or an assessment.
  • Hurricane Coverage – Covers property damage related to hurricanes.
  • Water Damage – Freedom Mutual will cover the damage if your home suffers water damage due to backflow or overflow.
  • Inflation Protection – Inflation Protection automatically adjusts your coverage limits as inflation changes when your policy is updated.


Liberty Mutual offers several discounts to help lower your home insurance costs. Depending on where you live, you can get the following discounts:

  • Group home and automatic policy
  • Uninsured for 5 years or more after switching from another company
  • Protect your home with a variety of security and protection devices
  • buy or renovate a new home
  • add a new roof
  • Veteran or active duty
  • Choose copay
  • piece of paper
  • Request a quote before your old policy expires
  • Insure your home at replacement value

Liberty Mutual Life Insurance

Policy type

Liberty Mutual offers different types of life insurance depending on your needs. Options are:

  • Term Life Insurance: Term Life Insurance Term offers short term insurance of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. The death benefit is guaranteed and the premium does not change during the term. Liberty Mutual life insurance policies include an integrated conversion guarantee, passenger versatility and the ability to convert to permanent coverage at any time.
  • Life Insurance: Life Insurance todo builds cash value, guarantees tax-free death benefits, and offers tiered awards. Liberty Mutual offers several different types of life insurance, including single premiums and simplified issuance coverage.
  • Fixed annuity: Liberty Mutual also offers fixed annuity life insurance that pays premiums and provides a guaranteed retirement income. There are two options: Temporary Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA) and Fixed Index Annuity (FIA).

Liberty Mutual Ratings, Reviews, Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

With so many types of coverage and a wide range of discounts to choose from, Liberty Mutual seems like an ideal choice for insuring cars, homes and rental properties, as well as providing life insurance. But what do the reviews say? Here’s how leading research institutions rate Liberty Mutual Insurance:

Mutual evaluation of degrees of freedom
JD Power Auto Insurance Survey (2020) Varies by region
JD Power Home Insurance Survey (2020) 805 / 1,000
JD Power Rental Insurance Survey (2020) 825 / 1,000
JD Power Life Insurance Survey (2020) Unrated
NAIC Complaint Rate 2.14 (above average complaints)

Liberty Mutual JD power ratings vary widely by product. Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance has above average overall customer satisfaction in the Florida area, but below average in all other markets. The company also received below average ratings for home and rental insurance from JD Power. It’s also worth noting that Liberty Mutual’s NAIC Complaint Index is much higher than the average, at 2.14 compared to the industry average of 1.0.

Top reasons to consider Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is committed to its innovation, especially in the area of ​​auto insurance. Besides being able to submit and pursue claims online, the company offers a range of additional benefits.

Customers can take advantage of Liberty Mutual Claims valet services. With this service, the company will send a driver to deliver a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired, and take the damaged vehicle to a shop (if available on the road).

In addition to its digital ease of use, Liberty Mutual’s appeal lies in its various coverage and discount options. Want your car insurance to pay for repairs, even if it’s not related to an accident? Get a lifetime repair vehicle service plan.

Want to improve your trip? Liberty Mutual’s best car replacement will help you when your car is totaled by replacing it with a new year vehicle with less than 15,000 miles.

Worried about not being able to pay your deductible? You can contact the Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund. If you pay $30 each year, Liberty Mutual will donate $100 to the Indemnity Fund. This fund has grown over the years and is a resource we can always access whenever we need funds to support the Liberty Mutual franchise.

Overall, Liberty Mutual could be a great auto insurance company when evaluating companies with unique features, coverage options, and discounts. However, it should be noted that the company scores below average when it comes to overall customer satisfaction. This can be uncomfortable for some drivers.

Liberty Mutual’s homeowner and renter insurance customers will not be able to take advantage of the company’s innovative services, but their property protection will remain effective. Liberty Mutual is a solid home insurance company that offers a variety of coverage options and deep discounts to keep your rates down.

Life insurance isn’t Liberty Mutual’s most popular product, but it’s a good option if you’re looking for basic insurance. There are three policies to choose from depending on your needs, including a fixed annuity option that not all insurers offer. However, especially if you are entering the life insurance market, it is a good idea to contact life insurance companies and compare quotes.

Additional policies provided by Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual, like most other insurers, offers discounts when you bundle your car insurance with other policies they offer. Other individual insurance options include:

  • motorcycle
  • VR
  • boat / jet ski
  • classic cars and classic cars
  • off-road, off-road, recreational vehicle
  • condominium
  • owner
  • caravan
  • flood
  • umbrella
  • incident
  • heavy sickness
  • livestock
  • Tuition
  • small business

Additionally, Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of commercial coverage options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out how much Liberty Mutual needs to buy car insurance?

Determining the amount of auto insurance coverage you need can be difficult. We recommend using the Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Calculator. You must purchase at least sufficient coverage to meet your state’s minimum requirements. However, many insurance experts recommend increasing liability limits and purchasing comprehensive insurance to protect your vehicle.

What do I need to receive an offer from Liberty Mutual?

Getting a Liberty Mutual auto insurance quote online is easy. If your car is registered at your address, you can view your car information by simply entering your city of residence. Next, you’ll need to enter information about safety features, make, model, year, and estimated annual mileage.

A little more personal information and the past 7 With a simple report of accidents, violations, or auto insurance claims for the year, you’re ready to get a quote.

How do I get a Liberty Mutual ID card?

No ID card required for emails from Liberty Mutual Waiting. The company’s website has a page where you can easily download your ID card online even if you don’t have easy access to your credentials. You can also access your ID card from the Liberty Mutual mobile app.

How do I file a claim with Liberty Mutual?

You can make a claim with Liberty Mutual by calling the company using the mobile app or website. The mobile app allows you to upload relevant damage images directly from your phone.

Also, the Liberty Mutual website has a help page explaining what to expect during the application process. After submission, you can track your application digitally and ask questions about its progress.

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