How to choose Mexico health insurance, best price and coverage?

Do you know Mexican health insurance? How does it work? Especially if you don’t have an ISSSTE or IMSS and have an accident and don’t have insurance? What is your average price?

Do you know about Bupa and the services it offers? Here are the answers to these questions.

Do I need health insurance in Mexico?

  1. When you doubt your need Mexican health insuranceCan you imagine a situation without insurance? eat Dull IMSS How will I pay for medical expenses in the event of a sudden accident? It certainly depletes your savings, and that includes the presence of serious and unexpected illnesses.
  2. In either case, insurance is essential to keep your property safe from harm and, more importantly, to ensure good medical security.
  3. High medical expense insurance is insurance that covers serious accidents, and minor medical expense insurance covers normal expenses due to frequent accidents and common illnesses that usually do not require hospitalization or hospitalization for more than two days. It is insurance to do.

What about the Mexican health insurance market?

  1. market for Mexican health insurance There are various plans for major and minor medical expenses, all of which are important, but most importantly, the major expense plans are of course for chronic and serious illnesses related to professional care. cover the maximum cost.
  2. The small cost remains significant as it covers rapid treatment and cure with few hospitalizations.
  3. In many cases, when it comes to covering major medical expenses that require hospitalization, there is the advantage that equipment is covered for illness and recovery, including necessary tests.

best health insurance mexico

best health insurance mexico or large health insurance providers are being considered AXA, Atlas, Allianz, Banorte, Zurich, Metlife, Bancomer, Inbursa, GPN, General Salud, MediAccess, Mapfre, Monterrey, AIG, Preventis, Plan Seguro, Sura, SisNova, Preventis.

What is the price of health insurance in Mexico?

regarding Mexican health insurance pricesMedical expense insurance cannot be priced at a fixed price because many factors affect the premium, such as:

  1. In Mexico, age plays an important role when purchasing insurance up to age 64. The older the cat, the higher the premium, and conversely, the earlier you purchase cat health insurance, the lower the premium and the wider the coverage.
  2. The GPN averages $16,000 for ages 0-14, $16,000 for ages 15-25, $25,000 for ages 30 and up, and $38,000 for ages 45 and up.
  3. AXA is $17,000 for ages 0-14, $16,000 for ages 15-25, $22,000 for ages 30 and up, and $39,000 for ages 45 and up.
  4. monterey insurance $22,000 for ages 0-14, $16,000 for ages 15-25, $22,000 for ages 35 and up, $39,000 for ages 45 and up.
  5. metlife insurance $17,000 for ages 0-14, $16,000 for ages 15-25, $23,000 for ages 30+, $39,000 average for ages 45+.
  6. In addition to age, it also affects the level of hospital you choose, the insured’s capital, gender, deductible, place of residence, and even if you have had a previous illness, this is not covered by insurance.
  7. In this case, the insurance company will review your claim and decide whether to accept or deny it. If you accept it in its declared existing state, you will pay a higher premium.
  8. International health insurance also covers your country, so if you travel a lot, your premiums will be higher.
  9. As for hospital tiers, this means choosing a group of hospitals to treat you and your family according to the plan, the higher the tier, the higher the premium.
  10. If the deductible is low, the premium will be high, and if the deductible is high, the premium will be low.

Mexican private health insurance

  1. Mexican private health insurance These are contracts signed by you and your insurance company of choice. You then pay a premium depending on whether your insurance company covers medical expenses for illness, treatment, or disability.
  2. As a form of insurance that provides medical centers and specialists at no copayment, there is a medical directory, which allows you to receive medical services as needed at no extra charge.
  3. However, there is also a co-payment method that pays an additional fee at the time of examination.
  4. Expense reimbursement is a type of insurance that allows you to go to a doctor’s appointment, and the insurance company will reimburse you for what is stated on your bill.
  5. Blended insurance is a useful type of insurance when you have a trusted doctor who does not work for your insurance company of choice. Because you can visit any medical center associated with your policy without having to pay extra fees or separate doctor’s centers and insurance companies. Refund a percentage of your account.
  6. Dental insurance is a type of insurance that provides access to comprehensive dental services not covered by general health insurance that covers basic dental services.
  7. Most private insurance companies offer basic coverage for pregnancy and childbirth, hospitalization, healthcare, pediatrics, outpatients, and hospital emergencies.
  8. You should also consider what the waiting time means before you start using the service, as the grace period is not always the same.

Mexican health insurance

  1. Mexican health insurance For example, consider a clinical trial with an average cost of $800.
  2. As an average medical consultation, medical costs including consultation, treatment and surgery are 350-500 pesos.
  3. Health insurance covers the cost of medication, hospitalization, and medical care during pregnancy.

How does Bupa Seguros Mexico coverage work?

Bupa Seguros Reporting from Mexico Through an alliance of Blue Cross Blue Shield Global and Bupa Global organizations, we bring you world-renowned healthcare products.

Insurance Bupa Latin America

regarding Services provided by bupa latin america As follows:

  1. global coverage As a product of the alliance of Blue Cross Blue Shield Global and Bupa Global, you have access to the best provider doctors worldwide with a network of over 1.2 million providers.
  2. service of dental care In the unlikely event that a tooth is lost, dental treatment is covered by insurance.
  3. another plan is surgical drape Includes preventive care, outpatient care, medical staff costs, and hospital stays due to obesity and reconstructive surgery.
  4. If hospitalization is required, emergency care, tests, hospital supplies, and a room for you and your companion are covered.
  5. They receive air or ground ambulances and take them to medical facilities for the treatment they need.

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