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small business health insurance benefits, if you're a small business owner looking to attract and retain employees, having health insurance for your employees can be helpful. A 2022 survey conducted by American Health Insurance Plans found that 56% of participants said health insurance benefits influenced their decision to stay in their current job.

"This is especially true if your employees are highly skilled, earn good salaries and can easily find a job with benefits - then you should offer good health benefits to attract those employees," says Bruce Jugan, president of BenefitsCafe.com, an insurance brokerage in Montebello, Calif.

Because the health insurance market is confusing, we've done the research for you and come up with a ranking of the best health insurers for small business owners. Read on to learn which companies made it onto our list.

To determine the best health insurance plans for small business owners for 2022, Forbes Health editors ranked U.S. insurance companies that offer plans nationwide based on the benefits they offer, the size of their provider and hospital networks, the ease of enrolling in plans and their reputation with agencies like A.M. Best and Fitch Ratings (which rates a company's financial health).

small business health insurance benefits

    Health insurance for small businesses with benefits for large companies.

    They'll have quick access to private health care when they need it most. If a stay in a private hospital is required, we'll cover the full cost of treatment. We're proud to be an insurer that offers a fully comprehensive promise. And if they live a healthy life, we reward them and their company for making positive life choices. These are some of the reasons we have a 5-star rating from Defacto.

    Business is all about people. So, taking care of your employees' well-being can make a real difference for them and for your business. Whether you care for two employees or 249, our health insurance for small and mid-sized businesses can help.

    Reap the health benefits for your company, too.

    When your employees get healthier, they also improve their vitality status. We then reward your company with cashback on the premium.

    Our digital tools also help you manage your group employee system. Our employer center helps you add new employees or remove leftover ones. We also offer support to help you promote Vitality in your business.

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