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Westfield Insurance Review: Auto and Home - Insurers

Westfield Insurance is a Midwestern company that prides itself on its community ties. Westfield is not only one of Ohio’s largest private companies, it is also the largest employer in Medina County. Westfield offers personal, commercial, agricultural and agribusiness insurance. However, the national coverage is somewhat limited. Westfield provides personal insurance in 10 states and commercial insurance in 21 states.

AM Best has rated Westfield Insurance excellent since 1934. Westfield Insurance is known for its agents who work closely with their customers to best meet their insurance needs. In fact, Westfield Insurance has a high customer satisfaction rating, with 91% of his customers being satisfied when he bills.

west coast auto insurance

Westfield flexibly covers cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, boats and motorcycles.


  • responsibility
  • collision
  • Understanding
  • Medical bills
  • Protection against personal injury
  • Covering the loan/lease gap
  • travel compensation
  • Coverage for replacement costs
  • Insurance Coverage for Uninsured and Uninsured Drivers
  • umbrella cover

Additional compensation options include:

  • old car
  • Towing and emergency assistance costs
  • auxiliary vessel
  • Liability for spilled fuel
  • custom parts and equipment
  • Helmets and other safety equipment.


Westfield does not advertise specific discounts like many other insurance companies. Instead, it focuses on the benefits of combining home and car insurance with a Wespak plan. By working with an agent in your area who can guide you through the appropriate policies for your insurance needs, you are more likely to save money on Westfield auto insurance.

westfield home insurance

Westfield home insurance covers a variety of homes, from condominiums to luxury homes, and also offers insurance for renters.


  • fire
  • steel
  • Catastrophe
  • personal responsibility
  • possession
  • Unexpected accident of a visitor

Additional compensation options available through Wespak packages:

  • Wespac property
  • discount packages
  • Home appliance damage compensation
  • Coverage for replacement costs
  • Identity theft compensation
  • flood insurance
  • umbrella insurance


Westfield home insurance doesn’t have the typical discounts usually associated with home insurance, but it does offer a preferred option when combining a home and a car. You can work with an agent to create a plan that offers coverage and customized plans based on the vehicles and properties you own.

Westfield Reviews, Ratings, Complaints & Customer Satisfaction

Despite being a small company, Westfield Insurance excels in terms of financial strength and customer satisfaction. Westfield ranks highly in the Better Business Bureau (BBB), AM Best, and JD Power surveys of auto insurers in the region.

Westfield Insurance Ranking Third party rating agency
A+ best office
1 hmm good
Customer Satisfaction No.1 A JD Power survey of auto insurance companies in the North Central region.

Westfield Insurance reviews highlight this company when it comes to customer service. The insurer operates locally rather than nationally, so it focuses on meeting the needs of specific communities.

Westfield probably isn’t the cheapest insurance option, especially since they don’t offer many discounts, but they do upgrade their coverage due to their commitment to customer service. Westfield insurance agents work with clients every step of the way, from policy research and development to claim submission.

If you’re looking for discounted insurance, we recommend looking elsewhere, but if you want a personalized Midwestern customer experience, contact a Westfield representative.

Why choose Westfield

If you live in the Westfield Territory and want to combine home and car insurance, you may love the benefits of a Wespak package.

It offers a wide range of insurance options for all your automotive hobby activities, and coverage includes things like your fishing tackle, custom motorcycle parts and gear, helmets, and other safety equipment. In addition, whether you need to insure your boat or trailer, Westfield agents can make sure you have it covered on the road, off-road or in the water.

Westfield offers products and services through independent distributors. Customers need to work closely with agents to receive quotes and change policies. This service helps customers customize their insurance plans, but does not allow them to work independently online. This service is beneficial for customers who like personal communication, but may be inconvenient for other customers.

Customers who own a business or make a living from farming can also be satisfied with Westfield insurance. Investing in agribusiness can be particularly risky, but Westfield is dedicated to helping farmers, and has been doing so for decades. and farm owners to come up with the best plan for their needs.


  • business insurance
  • farm garden
  • agricultural industry
  • Full-service borrowing at competitive interest rates

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact independent brokers?

Westfield wants to connect you with experienced insurance agents in your area. Go to the agency search page and enter your zip code. A list of local distributors Westfield works with is provided. You can also get contact information for these agents and a list of the services they offer.

Can I still enjoy the benefits of a Wespak package without having my own home?

Yes, you can take advantage of Wespak benefits such as combining your auto and rental car insurance into one policy and paying your bills and deductibles with your Wespak policy. This advantage can help you save time and money whether you own a home or not.

What support does Westfield provide for agribusiness?

Westfield covers 45 different farms and supports a variety of services including veterinary care, livestock production activities, citrus harvesting, farm labor contracts and custom farming/harvesting. Farm customers can work with agents to customize farm insurance plans.

How does Westfield support bondholders?

Westfield is licensed to bail in all 50 states and has experienced bail bond professionals in 25 local offices. Westfield agents can create bespoke bail solutions to assist clients and have a dedicated in-house bail claims team for loss mitigation and contractual support.

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