Geiko vs. Progressive Auto Insurance: Compare Prices, Coverage & More

Millions of drivers choose Geico or Progressive for their car insurance. two thirds auto insurance Largest in the United States.

Progressive and Geico take different approaches to providing auto insurance, so you should choose what matters most to you.

  • While Progressive has thousands of agents, Geico primarily conducts business online or by phone.
  • Geico generally outperforms progressive tax rates, but not all drivers or all states.
  • Both have a long (but different) list of coverage options for customizing your policy.

To help you find the best policy for you, here’s a detailed breakdown of the two companies compared.

Geiko vs. Progressive: Average Auto Insurance Rates

If price is your primary concern, Geico may have an edge, but that depends on where you live.

NerdWallet analyzed rates in 34 states and the District of Columbia, where Geico and Progressive are among the largest auto insurers. In those states, Geico averaged about $19 a month less than Progressive for high-quality drivers with good credit buying comprehensive insurance.

And for drivers with poor credit or those who purchased the same coverage for recent accidents, Geico’s rates averaged about $56 less per month than Progressive’s.

But in Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia, Progressive was cheaper than Geico on average in all three locations. It was cheaper than the Geico with two driver profiles.

However, in 21 states, Geico was cheaper than Progressive in all three situations.

Prices vary widely by state and driver situation, so it’s important to get quotes from both companies to see which is cheaper, Progressive or Geico.

Below are the average annual rates we found to fully cover our four driver profiles and the minimum coverage rates for good drivers with good credit.

driver profile geisha progressive year difference
Good and reliable driver $1,686 $1,915 $229
The driver who was at fault in the recent accident $2,911 $3,581 $670
Drivers with low credit and clean driving records $2,719 $3,395 $676
low mileage drivers $1,521 $1,906 $385
Minimum required security $649 $788 $139

These prices are averages for 34 states and Washington DC and may not reflect prices in your state.

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Geiko vs. Progressive: Eligibility as an Insurer

Both companies received 3.5 stars in the NerdWallet review. best car insuranceHowever, Geico ranked 15th and Progressive ranked 19th out of 24 insurers.

The rating applied is a score based on:

  • JD performance specifications For customer service, complaint satisfaction, and purchase satisfaction.
  • customer satisfaction rating consumer report.
  • Consumer complaints against insurers, based on data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Geiko vs. Progressive: Customer Satisfaction

According to JD Power, customers report a better experience with Geico than with Progressive, both when purchasing insurance and after making a claim.

Independent certifiers ranked Geico 12th out of 19 companies and Progressive 18th in the 2019 JD Power US Insurance Purchase Studio. Both companies were rated «nearly average» in the survey.

JD Power’s 2018 Auto Claim Satisfaction Survey ranked Geico 10th out of 22 insurers and Progressive 17th in the most recent survey available at the time of publication. Again, both companies were rated «nearly average.»

Geiko vs. Progressive: Insurance Choices

Progressive offers coverage options in some states that are not available through Geico.

  • Snapshot’s usage-based insurance program allows drivers to receive rebates for safe driving.
  • Term insurance pays the amount of the vehicle liability minus the deductible if the vehicle is wrecked or stolen and the normal coverage cannot pay off the loan.

Geico, on the other hand, offers protection against mechanical damage. This option is not available with Progressive.

feature geisha progressive
auto insurance yes, in all states yes, in all states
Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Option number yes, All states except California and North Carolina
joint travel insurance yes, in 39 states yes, 35 states and DC
accident insurance number yes
forgiveness for accidents yes, in 47 states yes, in most states
mechanical failure cover yes number
Insurance for other vehicles (motorcycles, RVs, boats) yes yes
homeowners insurance yes (via partner only) yes (via partner only)
rental insurance yes (via partner only) yes (via partner only)
Umbrella Liability yes yes, in 42 states
flood insurance yes (According to the National Flood Insurance System) yes (According to the National Flood Insurance System)
Life insurance yes (via partner only) yes (via partner only)
business insurance yes (via some partners) yes (via some partners)

Geiko vs. Progressive: Online and Mobile Tools

Both Geico and Progressive have websites and mobile apps that allow drivers to manage their car insurance policies online. You can also use the mobile app to pay insurance premiums, get ID, call roadside assistance, and upload damage photos.

Geico’s other digital tools include:

  • Vehicle Care to notify you when your car needs service.
  • Gas detector, parking lot, nearby attractions.
  • Voice support through Google Home, Google Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Find rides that connect you with Lyft passengers using the Geico mobile app.

Other progressive online and mobile tools include:

  • Enter a price to help find a policy that fits your budget.
  • A snapshot mobile app for Progressive’s consumption-based insurance program. Apps can provide details about your driving behavior and trips.
  • Virtual assistance with Progressive Flo Chatbot on Google Home or Facebook Messenger app.

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