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Small business health insurance requirements, Health insurance is the most in-demand benefit for employees and one of the most expensive benefits you can offer as an employer.

As an effective tool to attract and retain talent, health insurance has become a «must have» for job seekers and employees alike.

However, the cost of health insurance continues to rise. When companies are considering what health insurance to offer (if any), federal law applies, leaving the decision up to them.

Small business health insurance requirements

The ACA and the employer mandate

Affordable Care Act (ACA), enacted in 2010, also imposes a requirement on employees: In addition to requiring individuals to purchase insurance, the ACA requires companies that employ at least 50 full-time or full-time equivalent employees to provide «affordable» » minimum essential coverage» to their employees and their dependents.

individual insurance mandate was eliminated, but the employer mandate remains.

Companies with 50 or more employees, known as ALEs (Applicable Large Employers), must offer coverage to at least 95% of their full-time employees.

Failure to do so can result in penalties from the IRS. If you are in violation of the law and your obligations, you must first understand the terms. Please read the definitions below.

Small business health insurance requirements, Applicable large employers

A business with 50 or more full-time employees or full-time equivalents.

Permanent employee

An employee who works more than 30 hours in a week or more than 130 hours in a calendar month (including paid holidays).

Full-time equivalent employees.

This number is calculated by dividing the number of hours worked per month by 120 for part-time employees (less than 30 hours per week).

For example.

  • 5 part-time employees work 20 hours per week = 100 hours.
  • 100 hours x 4.33 (months) = 433
  • 433 ÷ 120 = 3.6 full-time equivalent employees.

Minimum Required Coverage

Your employer must offer you coverage that meets the ACA’s minimum requirements.

Most group health insurance plans purchased in the private sector meet this requirement, and all insurance plans purchased through the Health Exchange Marketplace meet this requirement. Some plans, such as those known as grandfathered plans, also meet the minimum standards.

Make sure you meet the minimum requirements when you buy insurance.

Health coverage for small business health insurance requirements

To meet ACA standards, you must cover at least 60% of the total medical costs of a standard group of individuals. Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans all meet or exceed the minimum requirements.

Most policies purchased individually or in the health insurance marketplace meet this requirement, but it is important that when you purchase a policy, you make sure it meets the minimum set by the ACA.

Small business health insurance requirements, Affordability/Price Limits

Affordability is one of the goals of the law. Coverage must be affordable for staff to participate. Employers may pay for all or part of the health coverage, but there are limits on employee contributions.

For 2022, the lowest-cost option for employee-only coverage cannot exceed 9.78% of the employee’s household income. The employee’s monthly contribution at the lowest-cost rate will be capped at $101.79 in 2020. This is also known as the affordability threshold.

Safe harbor rates

To determine if premiums are affordable under the law, employers can use a calculation method called the safe harbor wage rate. There are several ways to calculate this, but this is the simplest.

  • Multiply the employee’s minimum hourly wage by 130, which is the minimum number of hours an employee must work to be considered a full-time employee or FTE under the ACA.

Multiply this number by 9.78% for 2022, and this number (capped at $101.79 for 2022) is the maximum monthly contribution the employee must pay. This figure is the «safe harbor rate of pay.»

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