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In 2019, 7,641 car accidents were reported in Mesa, Arizona. Mesa drivers are required to have motor vehicle insurance to protect themselves legally and financially in the event of an accident. The average cost of auto insurance in Mesa is $1,657 per year for comprehensive coverage and $661 for minimum coverage.

Mesa auto insurance rates are customized and each insurer calculates a different coverage rate. We’ve identified the cheapest auto insurance in Mesa based on average premiums, coverage options, available discounts, and more.

Best Auto Insurance Company in Mesa

Mesa drivers have a variety of auto insurance options. However, every auto insurance policy has pros and cons. The table below shows the best auto insurance companies in Mesa that offer excellent coverage, great discounts, impressive financial strength, reliable customer service, and high customer satisfaction.

Insurance company JD power score Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average Annual Premium for Comprehensive Insurance
american family 834/100 $760 $1,376
statewide 830/100 $637 $1,813
geisha 834/100 $376 $939
Hartford 829/100 $592 $1,402

Quadrant Information Service, 2020

american family

JD Power’s 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Survey ranked American Family as the top auto insurer for overall customer satisfaction in the Southwest region. American Family is known for its affordable plans, customizable coverage, and excellent customer service.

We recommend American Family Mesa drivers who want discounts on insurance. American Family offers discounts to loyal customers, talented drivers, young volunteers, and smart students who sign up for Auto Pay and own a car with a safety device.


Allstate auto insurance is higher than average, but well worth the premium. Allstate allows drivers to customize their policies with add-ons like sound his system insurance, personal injury protection, accident waivers, and rental car reimbursement.

Additionally, Allstate offers a variety of discounts that you can use to lower your premiums. B. Pay full price, insure your new car, and enroll in the Drivewise Safe Driver Program. Allstate also offers usage-based insurance called Milewise. This is perfect for casual drivers.


Geico placed #1 in the JD Power Auto Insurance Study, sharing the same score as American Family. Geico is known for offering very affordable prices. With an average annual premium of $939 for comprehensive insurance, it is the cheapest provider on the list.

Geico’s only drawback is its very limited coverage. Meanwhile, Geico customers can take advantage of generous discounts, including savings for military personnel, first responders, federal workers, smart students, and more.


Hartford is unique in that it serves AARP members only. If you are over 50 and he has AARP, Hartford may be your best auto insurance option. The company has excellent customer service, reasonable prices, and unmatched coverage.

Mesa drivers can customize policies with RecoverCare, which provides new car replacement, Accident Forgiveness, and post-accident home assistance. He also likes that Hartford has a 12-month flat-rate warranty and a fade-out deductible.

cheapest auto insurance in mesa

The average cost of auto insurance in Mesa is higher than the US national average. The average American driver pays $1,738 a year for comprehensive insurance and $563 a year for minimum coverage.

However, some car insurance policies are cheaper than others. The table below shows the cheapest car insurance rates for the most popular companies in Mesa based on market share.

Insurance company Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average Annual Premium for Comprehensive Insurance
geisha $376 $939
Mercury $446 $1,372
Whole country $478 $1,233
Traveler $505 $1,213
USAA $512 $1,374

Comparing providers is important because not all cheap Arizona auto insurance companies are created equal. For example, USAA only serves the military. If you are not in the military, we recommend that you leave this provider off your list as it is not covered by insurance.

If you’re looking for minimal coverage at the lowest price, Geico is for you. On the other hand, Mercury, Nationwide, or Travelers are the best options if you want to customize your policy with a warranty.

When it comes to discounts, these providers are roughly comparable. But if you’re looking for specific savings, you’ll have to cross-check. For example, Geico is the only vendor offering discounts to federal employees, and Travelers is the only vendor offering discounts to hybrid owners.

Table Insurance requirements

Auto insurance is a legal requirement for all Mesa drivers who own a vehicle registered in Arizona. Drivers must at least have 25/50/15 personal liability insurance. This includes compensation for:

  • $25,000 for personal injury per person
  • $50,000 personal accident insurance
  • $15,000 coverage for accidental property damage

Drivers who purchase minimum coverage insurance pay the lowest rates. However, there is no guarantee that liability insurance will be sufficient to cover the full amount of an accident. Comprehensive insurance offers more protection and is usually required for drivers who rent or finance their vehicles.

mesa auto insurance discounts

If you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Mesa, look for insurance companies that offer discounts. Here are some of the most common things that can help you save money.

  • Great discounts for students: Smart high school and college students who meet the minimum GPA are often eligible for discounts on auto insurance.
  • combination discount guidelines : Combining home and car insurance with the same company usually results in lower premiums.
  • No claim discount: der Drivers who haven’t had a claim on their record in recent years can save some money on their insurance premiums.
  • Automatic payment discount: Most insurance companies offer discounts to drivers when they sign up for automatic monthly premium payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best auto insurance?

The best car insurance is different for each driver. For example, Geico may be the provider of choice for drivers who want the cheapest rates, while Allstate may be a better choice for drivers who want customizable coverage. If you’re in the auto insurance market, search and compare providers based on your own criteria, get multiple price quotes and see which company offers the lowest rates for the type and amount of coverage you need Please Confirm.

How much car insurance do you need in Mesa?

Mesa drivers must have at least 25/50/15 liability insurance. However, upgrading to comprehensive insurance is a smart investment. Liability insurance alone provides limited coverage in the event of an accident. Also, if you want to insure your vehicle, you need a collision damage waiver with a collision damage waiver and a collision damage waiver. Lock.


Business Insurance uses Quadrant Information Services to check rates for all zip codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

  • $100,000 liability insurance per person
  • $300,000 liability for personal injury
  • $50,000 liability for accident property damage
  • $100,000 per person personal injury caused by an uninsured driver
  • $300,000 bodily injury to uninsured driver due to accident
  • $500 Over Collision
  • $500 Total Deductible

To determine the minimum coverage, Asegranzas para Negocios used the minimum coverage corresponding to each state’s requirements. The sample driver owns a 2019 Toyota Camry, travels 5 days a week, and drives 12,000 miles per year.

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparison purposes. Offers may vary.

Pricing is based on 2021 Quadrant Information Services data.

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