Best cheap home insurance in lubbock.

Cheapest Home Insurance in Lubbock - Home Insurance

The average home insurance cost in Lubbock, Texas is $2,061 per year for a $250,000 home. This is above state and national averages. Currently, Texas as a whole pays an average of $1,863 annually, while the U.S. average is just $1,312 annually.

To select the best home insurer in Lubbock, the Insurance for Business editorial team considered several factors, including Quadrant Information Services average annual premium, JD Power customer satisfaction scores, and available coverage and discounts. was analyzed. When purchasing home insurance at Lubbock, understanding these factors will help you make a more informed decision about insurance coverage.

Best cheap home insurance in lubbock.

Lubbock residents have several options when it comes to home insurance. Below are the most popular insurance companies currently offering the cheapest home insurance in Lubbock. These companies are ranked in the top 5 because of their excellent customer service ratings, low premiums, broad coverage, and availability of discounts.

home insurance company Average Annual Premium for Residential Building Coverage of $250,000 JD power score
Whole country $1,271 808 / 1,000
united states of america* $1,406 889 / 1,000
progressive $1,778 797 / 1,000
Traveler $1,808 803 / 1,000
statewide $1,863 829 / 1,000

* USAA is not included in the official ranking of JD Power due to eligibility restrictions

Whole country

Nationwide scores poorly for claims by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) despite having the lowest customer satisfaction rating among companies on JD Power’s list . Nationwide home contents insurance scored 0.53 points. A score of 1.00 means that the NAIC received an industry standard level of complaints. Nationwide’s low score means the NAIC is receiving only about half the claims expected in the home insurance market.

In terms of coverage, Nationwide offers standard coverage such as Homeowners Coverage, Content Coverage, and Liability Coverage. The company also offers credit card coverage, identity theft coverage, and water backup coverage as guarantees. Their premiums are the lowest on our list, but Nationwide Lubbock also offers a variety of discounts to help you save even more. When looking for affordable home insurance, Lubbock residents may want to get quotes from all over the country.

united states of america

USAA consistently receives high marks from JD Power for customer service in auto and home insurance. However, the USAA does not qualify for official classification as it only sells insurance to military and former military personnel and their immediate family members.

USAA offers homeowners military-focused options such as: B. Uniform coverage. The company doesn’t offer many discounts, but both bundle and no-claim discounts can save you up to 10% on your premiums.


If you’re looking for a company that offers multiple discounts, Progressive may be a good option. Ways to save include home security systems, buying a new home, signing paperless paperwork, paying full bills, and matching car insurance. Progressive’s premiums are already lower than Lubbock’s average premiums, but you can save even more with discounts.

However, Progressive received below average customer satisfaction scores from JD Power. Nonetheless, American Strategic Insurance, which underwrites progressive home insurance, has his NAIC Claims Index score of 0.95 for home insurance, indicating a below-average number of claims.


If you’re looking for a company with strong digital assets, Travelers could be a good choice. The company offers integration with Echo or Alexa devices, allowing you to manage policies in your own way.

Travelers also offers several discounts, including a green home discount that saves up to 5% on your insurance premium if your home is LEED (Leadership Energy and Environmental Design) certified.


Of all the companies on the list, Allstate received the highest official customer satisfaction rating from JD Power. But Allstate’s NAIC Claims Index score is 2.03 for the company’s home insurance product, meaning the NAIC receives more than double his usual claims.

Allstate offers several compensation options, including green improvement reimbursement, lawn and yard compensation, and electronic data recovery. There are 10 Allstate Agents in the Lubbock area. If you prefer to handle your insurance yourself, Allstate could be a good option.

Lubbock home insurance coverage options

Home insurance is not a legal requirement in Lubbock, but you may need it from your lender if you have a mortgage. But even if you don’t have a mortgage on your home, you should still consider getting homeowners insurance.

In addition to standard home insurance coverage, Lubbock residents may consider the following optional coverage:

  • Flood insurance: Flood protection is not usually included in home insurance. Consider purchasing flood insurance to protect yourself from the costly damages caused by floods.
  • Earthquake coverage: Texas is not often associated with earthquake risk, but in the last 100 years, it has experienced more than 100 quakes strong enough to feel. You can add earthquake insurance to your policy as a backup, but you may need to purchase separate insurance.
  • Coverage of other structures: If your property has additional structures such as barns, barns, fences, or greenhouses, you may want to make sure your insurance policy covers the other structures as well.

Home insurance coverage varies from company to company, so we recommend that you consult with an agent about your situation to select the appropriate coverage.

Lubbock Home Insurance Discounts

Home insurance discounts can significantly reduce your premiums. Most insurance companies offer discounts. Common discounts for Lubbock include:

  • Package discount: You can get significant discounts by purchasing your auto and home insurance from the same company.
  • Security system discounts: Security systems can keep thieves from breaking into your home, or warn you of fires and other dangerous situations. For this reason, many companies offer discounts.
  • New home discount: If your home is new construction, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Discounts for new owners: Some companies offer discounts for first-time buyers.
  • Full payment: Many insurance companies offer discounts if you can pay your premiums all at once.

Discount options vary from company to company, but most companies offer at least some discounts. Talk to a company representative or visit the company’s web site You can find savings opportunities by browsing the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best home insurance?

The best home insurance policy depends on your needs and desires. When looking for home insurance, it’s a good idea to first ask yourself what’s important to you, such as: B. Access to specific insurance Customer service value or digital tools. You can get quotes from different companies to compare bonuses and features.

How much home insurance do you need in Lubbock?

To avoid financial ruin, it is recommended that you take out insurance to cover the full cost of rebuilding your home. when the house is broken. You can also consider the amount of personal belongings and ensure that you are satisfied with the limits of your liability insurance. Consulting with a licensed agent can help determine the coverage you need.


Business Insurance uses Quadrant Information Services to verify 2021 rates for all zip codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington DC. Rates quoted are based on male and female homeowners in their 40s with no claim history, good credit rating, and the following coverage limitations:

  • Cover A, Residence: $250,000
  • Cover B, other structures: $25,000
  • Cover C, private property: $125,000
  • Cover D, disabled: $50,000
  • Cover E, Liability: $300,000
  • F Compensation, medical expenses: $1,000

Owners also have a $1,000 deductible and separate deductibles for wind and hail (if required).

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparison purposes. Your estimate will be different.

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